The Lucky Harp - 29.99

  • A deeply sampled Celtic Harp instrument
  • Runs in Kontakt 5.3+
  • Custom Impulse Response
  • attack, release, reverb, and gentle eq control
  • 6 Velocity Layers - 6 Round Robins
  • Diatonic & Chromatic Patch included
  • Over 900 samples in a 470 MB Download
  • Check out the sound cloud links and demo video to hear it first hand.

"The Lucky Harp" is a meticulously recorded, and incredibly deeply sampled Celtic Harp instrument. Offering 6 Velocities Layers, and 6 Round Robins giving 36 unique samples per string. The particular instrument that we sampled was a 26 string Diatonic Celtic Harp in the key of C. Our goal was to offer something incredibly deep and extremely expressive, and we are very pleased with this latest offering.

Recorded through a Royer 121, and run through crystal clean preamps and pristine conversion, The result is something truly dark & beautiful. We opted for a "dry" sound with minimal ambience, and have included a custom IR that suits the instrument well. Offering control over attack & release, reverb, and a gentle boost/cut at 12k, We have no doubts that this instrument will make its way to the top of your 'go to' harp choices. Suitable for solo pieces, & or within a full track, this instrument will be sure to inspire!

There are 2 patches that come with the instrument, A Diatonic patch, offering the instruments natural tones, and a chromatic patch, that has been extended from the diatonic. 936 samples in total, delivered in 24bit / 48khz .wav format. Check out the videos & sound cloud playlist to listen first hand!!
From all of us at Bad Cat,

Cheers, & Enjoy..

The Performachord - 24.99

  • A deeply sampled Performachord instrument
  • Runs in Kontakt 5.3+
  • Custom Impulse Response
  • Full control over Reverb
  • Full control of Keys & btutton noise
  • Full control over "fan" noise
  • Organic sound
  • Over 700 samples in a 1.12 GB Download
  • Check out the sound cloud links and demo video to hear it first hand.

"The Performachord" is a reed based instrument thats somewhat of a cross between an accordion, and an organ. It is also commonly known as a "Chord Organ", among a couple other names. The left hand is played by "push down" buttons offering different voiceing's including: Roots, Major, Minor, & Seventh. Although this may seem basic to some, with a little creativity, and a decent grasp of theory, one can actually create numerous chord voicings using a combination of these buttons alone.

On the right hand, it has a keyboard to allow for melodies to be played in conjunction with the chords, or simply to be used for solo melody purposes. The character of its sound is unmistakeable, and easily fits well into the common "accordion based sound" that composers turn to day after day for TV/film work. However, it is far from from a one trick pony, and can easily be used in modern EDM/House music for either chord or melody.

We were able to get our hands on one of these great sounding instruments and went to town! The level of sampling and realism that we were striving for was basically such that one would not be able to differentiate between a recording of the actual instrument vs playing the instrument patch. The result, is what we believe to be the most accurately & deeply sampled perforachord on the market today.

One of the defining characteristics of a performachord would easily be the sound of the buttons being pushed in and released as different chords are played. We were able to capture this in incredible detail, offering 6 round robins per button (for attack & release) to avoid the dreaded "machine gun affect" so commonly heard in sample libraries. The result is something with incredible realism and character for the purists out there. But don't worry, the button noise is 100% adjustable from 0 to +12 db. The keys offer the same realism of attack & release sounds (fully adjustable) with 4 round robins.

Lastly was the obstacle of the fan noise, Through very careful processing with some top notch tools, we were able to remove this noise without any artifacts, offering a completly clean sample pool free of the fan noise. But, then again, it wouldn't be realistic unless the option to introduce that fan noise was available! Which of course it is, from 0 to +12db. Complete with on/off switch and the natural wind up/wind down ;)

The buttons (Left Hand Patch) provides 6 round robins, (sustain samples, & attack & release samples), while the keys (Right Hand Patch) offers 4 round robins, (sustain samples, & attack & release samples) for a total of 706 samples all recorded in true stereo at 24bit 48khz resolution.
From all of us at Bad Cat,

Cheers, & Enjoy..

The Music Box - 24.99

  • A deeply sampled music box instrument
  • Runs in Kontakt 5.3+ and EXS 24
  • Custom Impulse Response
  • release, width, warmth, & Reverb Controls
  • extremely organic sound
  • Over 750 samples in a 420mb download.
  • *includes 10 extra 'sound design' patches
  • Check out the sound cloud links and demo videos to hear it first hand.

We took 16 different music boxes and meticulously recorded each one note by note to create a highly expressive music box instrument with all the nuances and intricacy of the real thing. In an effort to make an instrument of the highest quality & detail, we made sure to include every subtly possible. Each crank, creek, scratch, buzz, ting and scrape was left in and the result is something quite organic and simply inspiring to play.

The entire library was recorded using Ribbon Microphones at 24bit 48khz. There is a minimum of 8 velocity layers per note. Due to the nature of the music box and the general range of such devices we ended up with quite a few velocity layers for some pitches (40+). Instead of using round robins we decided to use many velocity layers so that a performance could easily be altered but not be random.

The Music Box is an intuitive instrument that is sure to stimulate creative ideas. It is capable of childlike nursery rhymes, eerie melodies, enchanting passages and much more. The Kontakt version of The Music Box not only contains the basic instrument patch but also 10 highly useful factory patches derived from our samples. These patches range from pads and electric piano-like sounds to extra terrestrial sound fx. The Kontakt version will only work in the full version of Kontakt 5.3+ and higher. It will also work in Kontakt player in demo mode which lasts 30 minutes.

The Mini Keys - Free

  • An exploratory Freebie
  • Classic 8bit sound
  • Creactive sound design
  • Arpeggiator Mode
  • Runs in Kontakt 4.2.4+ and EXS 24
  • Check out the sound cloud links and demo videos to hear it first hand.

This is an exploratory series where every sample is recorded through high quality preamps but instead of using a microphone we use an excellent hum-bucker guitar pickup. The result is a crisp and clean sample with an incredibly low noise floor recorded at 24bits and 48khz. Combine that with some experimental scripting in Kontakt to create some slightly off quilter possibilities and you have an interesting tool for the mad scientist music producer/composer.

Volume #1 in The Pickup Series is The Mini Keys. A tiny toy keyboard with a very distinct 8-bit sound. After sampling this keyboard via our humbucker, we programmed a basic patch for a convincing retro game sound. The true fun came when we developed the Kontakt script which makes this instrument anything but mini.

"The Bass Pedals" - 19.99

  • A deeply sampled set of 'bass pedals' from a Hammond Organ
  • Runs in Kontakt 5.3+ and EXS 24
  • Choice of dynamic and/or Ribbon Mic
  • Filter, resonace, saturation, chorus & distortion
  • 413 MB Download
  • Check out the sound cloud links and demo videos to hear it first hand.

What happens when you throw a dynamic mic and ribbon mic in front of a vintage Hammond Organ and dial in as many different tones as possible? The answer quite simply, is "The bass pedals" From the makers of "The Music Box" comes the highly anticipated follow up release.
The Bass Pedals is a highly useful sampled instrument that is capable of anything from sub content low end, to gritty, edgy, tones that can can cut through a mix, giving pseudo bass on smaller devices.
Suitable for a wide range of content, the bass pedals is a great tool for any composer/producer to have in their arsenal when they need a versatile instrument to fill out the low end, or, to sculpt distorted edgy tones for a wide variety of content. Whatever the task, the bass pedals is sure to not disappoint!

The Indi Glock - 24.99

  • Runs in Kontakt 5.3+ and EXS 24
  • Custom Impule Resonse
  • 498 MB Download
  • Control over attack, release, Reverb, & width
  • 2 different sets of samples for sustain & muted patch
  • Check out the sound cloud links and demo videos to hear it first hand.

The Indi Glock is the byproduct of the Bad Cat team searching for a solution to finding the perfect "Glock" sound to fit the modern day track. There are some great Glock sound's out there but many of them are simply too "clean", for lack of a better word. We wanted to create something that could sit in a track a little more naturally without the need for too much additional processing, something with a little more grit, with more of an "indi" vibe. Hence, The Indi Glock was born.
The indi Glock was recorded using a Ribbon Mic, going through a heavily driven Tube preamp and pristine AD converters for maximum character. The resulting sound is something that fits well into any track that requires a Glock sound but could benefit from a little more realism as opposed to an overly pristine sound. Whether composing for Television, Film, Web, Games, or the general music industry, The deadlines are tighter than ever, & the importance of having tools at your disposal that can be instantiated, and require minimal effort to work, is key.
Bad Cats purpose was built off this philosophy, Providing affordable, high quality, tools that can be used in a pinch to get the job done. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel here, just simply trying to fill the voids in areas that we all find ourselves scratching our head saying "I wish there was a better (or different) sounding library for _______".
From all of us at Bad Cat,

Cheers, & Enjoy..